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In this article you will find the answers for all questions about Makani application.

What are the operating systems integrated with Makani application?
There are three versions of the Makani application integrated with all operating systems of currently available smart phone devices (Android - IOS - Windows Universal)

Does Makani application requires internet connection?
Yes, Makani depends on internet connection to access the database and get all the updates of the subscribers.

How the application database is built?
All commercial directories existing get their data ready from industry, commerce or union rooms and these data are often inaccurate and inadequate and does not bear the continuous updates, but Makani application is collecting those data with its delegate teams by accessing all activities directly through field visits to all regions and in sequence until those visits cover up all areas completely.

So, Makani application database is active, accurate, continuously growing and rich of different information about all activities in Lebanon and it is daily updated.

How to access to the new added data?
The access to the new data does not requires removing the application and re-install a new version, but this is done automatically because the application works online via the internet and accesses all new subscribers updates online.

Are there types of subscription?
Yes there are two types of subscriptions including paid and free type.

1-Paid Subscriptions: The owner of the activity join in the application for an annual amount of 100 USD to get through this subscription a special page containing several features and locate the activity on Google Maps.

2-Free Subscriptions: We provide the name and phone number of an activity just in order to put in your hands all phone numbers of different activities in Lebanon.

Is database updated continuously?
Yes database is updated every day and the delegates team in Makani does a hard work in order to cover all activities in Lebanon which takes time, but that means a continuous growing of database and at the same time justify the absence of some commercial facilities and activities, which supposed to join in the coming days as the team works.

Your support and your faith in us is the energy source of our success, thank you.

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